Following the success of Age of Empires 1, the publisher Microsoft has continued to release Age of Empires II version.

Interesting gameplay

In the game, players will immerse in medieval wars with 13 different civilizations. These are in ancient European and East Asian architectural styles. The game has been in the top 20 best-selling of all time in the ranking of the United States and Japan.

Age of Empires II HD is an updated version of Age of Empires II based on high-quality HD graphics. Age of Empires II HD not only has sharper and more realistic graphics, but also adds many new features, card sets, AI enhancements, workshop support, multiplayer mode and lots of other interesting things. Let’s explore in Age of Empires II HD!


A legendary game

Speaking of PC empire games, there are still no games that can surpass the player’s most solid icon, Age of Empires. Game Age of Empires has a foothold no one can deny, even though a lot of game companies have developed quite interesting strategy games like Royal Revolt!, Clash of Kings, Age of Cavemen, etc., but still no game has confirmed its position like the Age of Empires.

To sum up

With intellectual gameplay, the player with his agility offers different strategies to protect and build his land to be rich and strong. Besides expanding the land as well as asserting its position, players must also train the army to expand the land and steal the resources of the other empires. Age of Empires II is a sequel to the strategy game Age of Empires. In part II of this game, it includes expanding territory for conquerors. This part of the classic strategy begins with the fall of Rome until the Middle Ages.

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3 Outstanding Role-playing Online Games of 2019

3 Outstanding Role-playing Online Games of 2019

Possessing the typical play style of RPGs, the following online games still bring interesting experiences thanks to their own features.

MIA Online

MIA Online is a 3D MMORPG with various PVE and PVP modes with 6 special character classes. Each of them has special characteristics and mechanisms. There is no gender lock and even supporting player building the character to his liking.

National War will be an important highlight, in which the player have to choose to be loyal to one of the four countries available in the game. PK mode will be turned on whenever the player enters the land of another kingdom.

Arcane: Quest Legends

Arcane: Quest Legends allows you to create your own character without following any form. Along with that, the character classes in the game are not clearly divided. Therefore, you can become warriors, wizards, archers, etc.

The game has many quests and items waiting for you to collect, however to get them you have to wade through all the difficult stages. Usually bosses will appear along with long-range monsters, they also have their own skills that are quite annoying so you have to use all your strategic skills to defeat the enemy. And most importantly, Arcane Quest Legends has absolutely no auto mode. Therefore, only by using your natural skills can you defeat the bosses in the game in the most effective way.

3 Outstanding Role-playing Online Games of 2019

Ceres M

The game Ceres M takes place in the medieval world, with the plot centered around the battles between the five great kingdoms located here. The Ceres M’s gameplay is built in a team-based style with the familiar role-playing elements.

Besides, the game also possesses the most basic features of a tactical RPG, from leaping, boss attacks, guild features to arena. Players also have the task to collect certain materials and resources to upgrade their fighting ability for the whole team.

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PC Gamers for young people

League of Legends

League of Legends is a high-class strategy game genre. The player needs to have his own fighting skills and be able to coordinate well with his teammates to win the match.

Now the publisher also constantly changes the game’s play style. They organized many exciting tournaments that made gamers not bored.


FIFA ONLINE 4 is an online football game developed by EA Spearhead – South Korea and Vietnam Esports exclusively released in Vietnam. FIFA ONLINE 4 is also the first PC game to get the Engine Console platform.

FIFA ONLINE 4 has invested very meticulously and meticulously the graphics details as well as high-quality sound. Especially the game will be updated every 3 months to bring many new features.

World of Tanks

World of Tanks is an online game released by Wargaming. In the game, you will be able to control armored combat vehicles (tanks, anti-tank guns, self-propelled guns …) to fight with your teammates.

The rules of the game will depend on the level of the game. You can destroy all enemies or capture the enemy base.

Blade and Soul

Blade & Soul is a game released by Korean NCsoft. In the game, the player controls a character from a certain discipline. Players can use these martial arts skills to create beautiful and powerful combos. Blade & Soul has a very interesting story. This game has very nice graphics.

MU Online

MU Online is a Web-based Online PC Game. The game retains the 3 familiar Soul class characters, Dark Knight and Elf come with a system of interfaces, items, equipment, as diverse characters. Because this game works on a Web platform, it does not require installation and requires a high configuration.

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Resident Evil 2 review

Resident Evil 2 review

Continuing success, Resident Evil 2 Remake updates the new super cool game. In the next February, another DLC set will be released by Capcom, which promises to continue bringing a more compelling story.

A new release

Released last week, Resident Evil 2 Remake (RE2R) has created a very special craze in the game community earlier this year. There were very positive reviews for the success of Capcom.

According to Capcom, the new DLC will be named Ghost Survivors. Players will discover the story of three unlucky men when they cannot escape the city of Raccoon City. Especially, it will include three parts: No Time to Mourn – role-playing with a gun shop owner, Runaway – acting as the mayor’s daughter, and Forgotten Soldier that will make us the last living soldier survived in the city.

Potential update

Resident Evil 2 review

When it comes to DLC and updates, Capcom always reveals its weaknesses. Of all its DLC products, only one of them is really good and worthy of recognition as Monster Hunter: World. Therefore, many people hope that RE2R’s new set of 3 DLC will be taken care of by Capcom they did with RE2R. Since its release, a number of sites have greatly appreciated this game.

“Resident Evil 2 is not just a remake, but it is a real horror game when it comes to real mutations, making the game the top favorite in the series. But above all, the remake dives deeper into pure survival horror experiences and upholds its horrifying rhythm until the end of the story. ”

Although Monster Hunter game: World always surpassed Resident Evil in PC popularity, the number of 300,000 players expressed their favor as soon as the game was released, proving Resident Evil is a worth-trying product!

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Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV is one of the most prominent versions of Rockstar Games‘ GTA series. Still the dizzying chase on the street, shooting and action, GTA 4 gives players fierce confrontations between gangsters in the city.

In Grand Theft Auto 4, players will find the answer to one big question: What is the American Dream? In the eyes of Niko Bellic, it is the escape from Europe to ward off the shadow of the past. Grand Theft Auto IV is the first official release after the success of GTA: San Andreas. This game is played from the perspective of a third person and the main character will be exploring an immense open world city.

Missions: shooting & racing

GTA IV opens an action-packed adventure. Players play the game through 3rd-person shooter scenarios. There are GTA IV versions for Windows, PS3 and Xbox 360. GTA 4 is the 11th part in Grand Theft Auto series and GTA version after Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Background in the game is Liberty City (simulated from New York). The story will revolve around the main character, Niko Bellic in an attempt to escape the past – under the pressure of debt and feud with the gangsters. The open world brings Niko to Liberty City and the three main islands, where Niko has just left the dark past. From there, he opens the door to a series of missions full of other uncertainties.


Grand Theft Auto IV

GTA IV is recreated through a 3rd person perspective – the world of guns, racing cars and looting. Players will play Niko Bellic and participate in multiplayer battles (up to 32 people) to fight together.

Grand Theft Auto IV is a street robbery action game with lots of extremely intriguing details. This version also adds new characters and gives players more exciting experiences.

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CrossFire – The legendary shooter game

CrossFire - The legendary shooter game

CrossFire is one of the most popular shooting games. Although being released in 2008, this game title stills holds a certain position for fans of shooter game. Let’s check out the reasons!


CrossFire is a first-person shooter (FPS) game produced and developed by Smilegate (Korea). According to Business Insider, the game has had more than 50 million players worldwide so far. This typical shooter game has great context and attractive gameplay. The game is regularly updated with new objects, systems, and characters. Currently, CrossFire is still the number one choice of many gamers.


Game scene

CrossFire is in the context of a global scale battle between two forces, which are called Black List and Global Risk. Players will play as a member of either team. A team can include up to 8 people, whose mission is to fight together in a fierce battle to complete the mission.

In particular, in battles with the role of C4 bombs, Black List’s mission is to place bombs and keep it countdown until exploding. Meanwhile, Global Risk must be on guard to protect their positions safely and remove the bomb before its explosion. If the bomb explodes, the Black List will complete their mission. Otherwise, if the bomb cannot be set or Global Risk removes the bomb, Global will be the winner.

Stunning character

Depending on the results of the match, the player will receive certain experience points to level up. In the level system of CrossFire, the highest is the Commander-in-Chief. With each different rank, the player will have a unique costume corresponding to his level. This is also a way for gamers to assert their class.

In addition, the game also has an interesting feature of the game community, such as friend connections, team organization, and legion establishment. Obviously, this feature effectively brings the player community together.

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