3 Outstanding Role-playing Online Games of 2019

3 Outstanding Role-playing Online Games of 2019

Possessing the typical play style of RPGs, the following online games still bring interesting experiences thanks to their own features.

MIA Online

MIA Online is a 3D MMORPG with various PVE and PVP modes with 6 special character classes. Each of them has special characteristics and mechanisms. There is no gender lock and even supporting player building the character to his liking.

National War will be an important highlight, in which the player have to choose to be loyal to one of the four countries available in the game. PK mode will be turned on whenever the player enters the land of another kingdom.

Arcane: Quest Legends

Arcane: Quest Legends allows you to create your own character without following any form. Along with that, the character classes in the game are not clearly divided. Therefore, you can become warriors, wizards, archers, etc.

The game has many quests and items waiting for you to collect, however to get them you have to wade through all the difficult stages. Usually bosses will appear along with long-range monsters, they also have their own skills that are quite annoying so you have to use all your strategic skills to defeat the enemy. And most importantly, Arcane Quest Legends has absolutely no auto mode. Therefore, only by using your natural skills can you defeat the bosses in the game in the most effective way.

3 Outstanding Role-playing Online Games of 2019

Ceres M

The game Ceres M takes place in the medieval world, with the plot centered around the battles between the five great kingdoms located here. The Ceres M’s gameplay is built in a team-based style with the familiar role-playing elements.

Besides, the game also possesses the most basic features of a tactical RPG, from leaping, boss attacks, guild features to arena. Players also have the task to collect certain materials and resources to upgrade their fighting ability for the whole team.