3 war survival games worth trying in 2019
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3 war survival games worth trying in 2019

Below are three best war survival games that worth trying in 2019

Home Behind

Home Behind owns 2D graphics. The game is in a horizontal screen in the direction of classic platform. It sounds a bit boring, but what the game gives players is really great. The game is set in a man with a family but is forced to leave his homeland, the family is separated because of war.

The player’s task is to find a safe shelter with only a trailer. In the game, players also choose 15 different careers, each of which will have different skills that help you can easily confront the challenges that the game offers.

3 war survival games worth trying in 2019

This war of mine

Not too grandiose in terms of storyline, “This war of mine” straightens the task of trying to survive in a dangerous world in war. The game allows you to play an ordinary, anonymous person. Before the battle, they have a normal life but when the war happens, everything changes.

Having lost their houses, the character’s relatives have to hide in mysterious basement. Here, they face many dangers from starvation, coldness and specifically sniper soldiers who are trying to kill them. With a realistic and deep play, “This war of mine” promises to bring valuable experience to players.

Mini Dayz

Mini Dayz is a miniaturized version for mobile of today’s famous cult game Dayz. The game will take players into a world flooded with mutated zombies that are ready to scratch you.

The player’s mission is to avoid these zombies and face other players. Like his senior, Mini Dayz also delved into the survival factor, the human-to-human treatment during the end of the world, this is the outstanding factor that made the game successful.

Wish you to choose the game you like and have a great experience!