Racing games

5 PC racing games are currently free

Racing games are always the first choice of gamers who love speed games. Currently, there are many types of PC racing games to choose from. The following article will introduce 5 racing game titles with all types from taxi drivers, racing cars to the subway. In particular, they are currently completely free!

Taxi Simulator 3D – Driving Sim

This is a 3D taxi driver simulation game in a crowded city. Although it’s impossible to compete with Crazy Taxi, the game is still worth downloading when it’s free. Try immersing yourself in urban traffic!

Mini Car Driver 3D

This game has very interesting plot. In the game, you will travel time in the 1960s and there is no way to return to the present until you win the final race. This mini racing game with a view from above is also worth a try. It will bring to you different views and feelings from other normal racing games.

Subway Simulator 4 – Berlin U-Bahn Edition Deluxe

Entering this world, you will be transformed into a professional train driver. Your task is to drive your subway on a long journey to bring guests to the right place in the German capital Berlin. Don’t forget to be on time and don’t miss a station! Perhaps you rarely test your ability to drive the subway as in this fascinating and exciting game!

Road Legends

True to the name of the game, you will conquer each road to test your driving skills and quick reaction. 13 thrilling speed tracks ready for you to unlock with a variety of racing cars.

Cartoonway – Mini Cars

Its name shows everything. Unlike the above games, this mini racing game uses pretty cute cartoon-style graphics. Therefore, the game is suitable for anyone who loves racing games but loves light, cartoon style. Perhaps the girls will fall in love this lovely racing game!