Halo Infinity will be released on Xbox One and PC

Halo Infinity will be released on Xbox One and PC

Halo Infinity is a shooting action game that combines science fiction and Xbox’s brand, Halo is always the choice of shooter lovers and always receives many positive reviews from players. After a waiting period, Halo Infinite is expected to come back at E3 this year and will definitely release on both Xbox One and PC.

With Microsoft preparing to launch Halo Infinity at E3 this year, fans are excited and excited to find out more about the long-term development of the next Halo game. Another rumor about the game is whether Halo Infinite will start on the new generation Xbox console and ignore Xbox One. However, the Halo brand development manager, Frank O’Connor, said it would not happen. He replied on Twitter about the rumor: “I don’t know anything about the rumors you’re talking about, but Halo Infinite will be released on the Xbox One and will have the right settings for the PC.”

This rumor may be based on one of Microsoft insider Brad Sams users. Recently, he told YouTube that Microsoft was focusing on Infinite’s engine, slipspace at E3 last year, not deploying a new game because those titles looked too good. Sams said, “They don’t want to show off anything about the game because it really looks good and any modifications to the current project will make things worse.” Many expect to announce the new Xbox hardware at E3 this year, which also contributes to Halo Infinite’s release on Xbox One, which is still selling well in the market. However, no one has confirmed this information to be accurate.

Currently, Xbox One is considered a device for all, because any game that is played on a more advanced and powerful system, the Xbox One X will also run well on the weaker generation than the Xbox One. S. Perhaps the compatibility between these hardware options will continue to be available on the new Xbox hardware that could be revealed at E3 in June this year. In addition, a digital version of Xbox One (not running the disc) according to a recent announcement will be released in May. According to reports, this will be an Xbox One S Digital version and its cost will be even cheaper than the original version helped it. This helps both players and Microsoft save a lot of money.