PC Games is worth playing for you.

1. World of Tanks

World of Tanks is a game that is too famous for the online gaming community. You will have the opportunity to control armored chariots to join the fiery battlefield. Other simulated in-game cars are accurate from real life, along with high-quality teamwork, pretty graphics, World of Tanks is always one of the top names when it comes to games. Free on PC.

2. Lord of the Rings Online

Lord of the Rings Online was once a charging game. However, now Lord of the Rings Online has changed the mechanism and almost become a completely free game. However, those who spend money on the game will receive a special item and you may need to spend more money on expansion packs, only the original game is free.

3. Star Trek Online

Star Trek Online is a game set in 2409. Players will be playing astronauts driving giant spacecraft to travel the universe and discover distant planets and civilizations.

Gamers can choose to act as captains, scientists, soldiers … to develop their careers according to their own preferences. Players will have the opportunity to control an enormous spacecraft to participate in epic battles in the universe. Star Trek online also gives players the opportunity to set foot on land that no one has ever set foot on.

4. Wildstar

Wildstar is also a game that requires players to register and pay money to play. but the developer later turned it into a free-to-play game and thus Wildstar gradually became more popular.

Wildstar has a very action-oriented and rather hard-to-play style, which is expected to be a “World of Warcraft Killer”, although it is still far from reaching that goal, in general, Wildstar is still a good game try it out.

5. EVE: Online

EVE: Online takes the theme of the universe. This is one of the very high-quality online games, impressive content and impressive graphics. However, the point that can make players uncomfortable is that the game requires you to spend more money to get good items, otherwise it will be hard to fight back to players who have money.