Protect Your PC from Overload Due to Heavy Gaming During Epidemics

Long-lasting epidemics keep you at home with your computer for working and playing games. Therefore, don’t let these bad habits destroy your beloved PC now!

Let the PC overheat

This is a perpetual problem and also the biggest enemy of the PC. If the device overheats, the performance and longevity of the internal hardware will be significantly reduced. The most affected parts include the processor, battery and fan. They will make your computer loud and very hot every time you operate.

With Desktop, the simple solution is to regularly clean the inside of your PC to remove dirt and reduce pressure on the cooling device. With a laptop, it’s a little harder to take care of.

Moreover, many people put their lap on blankets and blankets to sit on the bed to play games. This makes the computer unable to release heat, causing it to fail quickly. It is best to sit on the desk and play properly. Also, keep your PC away from sources of heat such as sunlight or another case that can destroy your PC quickly.

Clean the machine too often

Being too clean sometimes is also a problem. Remove too many times to clean so that the contacts are easily damaged. It may initially cause the machine to become unstable, causing a short circuit and fire. The room is better than anti, it is best not to get the machine dirty in the first place by leaving it in a clean and less dirty area.

Waste of time on unnecessary maintenance applications

The day before hardware was limited, some PC maintenance software worked. But now that your PC is much older, installing those applications is completely pointless, and can even make matters worse when it accidentally deletes the data files you need. . You should prioritize using Windows built-in tools like Disk Cleanup because they are free and less likely to harm your computer. If the computer is still slow, delete the background programs, uninstall some applications or upgrade your hardware.