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Racing and Driving Games to Play (part 1)

Racing and driving are two passions that many people have. But many people cannot afford these excellent bikes and cars. Then, they turn towards gaming. Fortunately, games can satisfy your desire for the thrill. 

1. Highway Rider Extreme

Are you looking for some laid-back games which provide all the fun from bike races? Then, this game is top-notch. It will land you as the biker on the highway, and you need to dodge the heavy traffic and collect coins at the same time. You have the controls for navigating the direction. The brush with other vehicles will blur the vision for a couple of seconds. Still, it is the 1st-person perspective which genuinely makes it a fantastic racing experience. It is among the more excellent racing games today.

2. Neon Biker

Are you looking for fun? Then, Neon Biker should deliver precisely it. Here, the game appears simple with the 2D graphics, but it would be an oversimplification. Be ready to ride across the uneven road full of traps and obstacles, all the while keeping your balance. When the levels increase, the difficulty rises too. This game will expectedly have you hooked since you keep trying and overcoming obstacles on the path to your win.

3. Racing Blast 3D

Wonder how difficult reaching the finish line can be? Then, Racing Blast 3D can teach you that. It lands the car on the highway, and you need to race amid traffic; half of it will go against you. Try and reach the finishing line. Still, wait, there is a timer as well – it must be regularly boosted else your game is over. Plus, you have to gather the points scattered over the road. The game’s 3D graphics makes it a far more lively experience. It is generally a must-play game for you.