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Racing And Driving Games To Play (Part 3)

7. Pro BMX Tricks

Are you into the motorcycle stunt? Then, you have to play this game. It may not come with the graphics that are worth applauding, yet the gameplay is seamless. It would be best if you rode across a variety of hurdles and obstacles. For gaining points, you need to perform stunts; plus, ensure not to hurt yourself. Here, the barriers are innovative over the levels, and it should be able to keep you nervous and excited at the same time. 

8. Truck Trials

It is one great game about hurdles. Here, the truck is landed in one junkyard, and you are required to drive over various obstacles for reaching your destination. Yet, beware: the hurdles may make you trip and fall over; thus, you should get a precise balance. When you gain points, upgrading your truck or buying better ones is possible. Yet, hurdles keep becoming tougher. It should be an intense game only for people in love of challenges.

9. Boat Drive

It is famous as one of the most fantastic games you have ever played for its sheer simplicity. Here, you will drive a boat in one lake, and you are required to overcome various obstacles to stay away from being sunk. The map is quite smart, and it does test the reaction time since barriers keep appearing. 

10. Stickman Freeride

Stickman seems to be possibly found everywhere, inclusive of a race track. This game is about riding over various obstacles and roads. Also, sometimes, tracks appear like obstacles. Yet, the streets can also be incredibly fun and give you an intense joyride. Though it is simple not only in gameplay but also graphics, its elements do make the game a great one to play.

So, it is time you buckle your seatbelts as well as going on a ride!