Resident Evil 2 review

Resident Evil 2 review

Continuing success, Resident Evil 2 Remake updates the new super cool game. In the next February, another DLC set will be released by Capcom, which promises to continue bringing a more compelling story.

A new release

Released last week, Resident Evil 2 Remake (RE2R) has created a very special craze in the game community earlier this year. There were very positive reviews for the success of Capcom.

According to Capcom, the new DLC will be named Ghost Survivors. Players will discover the story of three unlucky men when they cannot escape the city of Raccoon City. Especially, it will include three parts: No Time to Mourn – role-playing with a gun shop owner, Runaway – acting as the mayor’s daughter, and Forgotten Soldier that will make us the last living soldier survived in the city.

Potential update

Resident Evil 2 review

When it comes to DLC and updates, Capcom always reveals its weaknesses. Of all its DLC products, only one of them is really good and worthy of recognition as Monster Hunter: World. Therefore, many people hope that RE2R’s new set of 3 DLC will be taken care of by Capcom they did with RE2R. Since its release, a number of sites have greatly appreciated this game.

“Resident Evil 2 is not just a remake, but it is a real horror game when it comes to real mutations, making the game the top favorite in the series. But above all, the remake dives deeper into pure survival horror experiences and upholds its horrifying rhythm until the end of the story. ”

Although Monster Hunter game: World always surpassed Resident Evil in PC popularity, the number of 300,000 players expressed their favor as soon as the game was released, proving Resident Evil is a worth-trying product!