Top useful games for learning
Online games

Top useful games for learning

1. Wordalot Wordalot is a perfect free word puzzle game for all ages, participated and experienced by millions of people around the world. Practicing your brain with Wordalot is the perfect way to boost your vocabulary, brain during lunch breaks or breaks, the game has simple gameplay with beautifully designed pictures by hand. 2. Languinis […]

Strategy Games

Getting hours of enjoyment with these two PC strategy games

Stronghold 1 Stronghold is a real-time strategy game (RTS) developed by Firefly Studios in 2001 and is also the opening game for the Stronghold series. The game focuses primarily on conquests and expansion through military pursuits, besides providing space for strategy and economic development. In Stronghold, players will play the role of a lord in […]

Offline games

8 good games on PC you must try

If you have just bought a new computer, try the following games right away. They are rated with beautiful graphics and attractive gameplay. League of Legends – is a MOBA game that combines real-time and role-playing tactical elements. The two teams will use the generals with different capacities and powers to defeat the opponent. The […]

Strategy Games

Two titles that strategy game lovers should not miss

1. Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator With Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator you can create a battle with no limits on troops or opposition. Feel free to choose the type of army, the number of troops of each party, or even the species, etc. for example, 10 thousand chickens fighting one soldier. The game is highly entertaining, […]

Racing games

3 game titles that racing game lovers should not miss

1. F1 2016 Developer: Codemasters Release date: 8/2016 Based on the famous Formula 1 racing formula, F1 2016 is the 8th version of F1 brand from Codemasters, designed based on the official season 1 of 2016. A new game is released on August 19 has passed through the Steam system and is still extremely hot. […]

Half Life
Shooter Games

Top offline shooter game for PC

Along with the development of online games, many players choose or play offline games. In it the shooting genre is loved by many gamers. The top 3 offline shooter games for computers below may be a useful reference for you. 1. Half Life Perhaps if you are a passionate gamer of the first-person shooter genre, […]

Two highly-recommended game titles for shooter game lovers
Shooter Games

Two highly-recommended game titles for shooter game lovers

CALL OF DUTY: WWII Call of Duty initially focused primarily on World War II. Over 10 years, receiving great acclaim from the majority of gamers and newspapers, the game continues to lead with more diverse and attractive topics. Sledgehammer excelled when he noticed soldiers fighting in World War II to attract many generations of young […]



Following the success of Age of Empires 1, the publisher Microsoft has continued to release Age of Empires II version. Interesting gameplay In the game, players will immerse in medieval wars with 13 different civilizations. These are in ancient European and East Asian architectural styles. The game has been in the top 20 best-selling of […]