Protect Your PC from Overload Due to Heavy Gaming During Epidemics

Long-lasting epidemics keep you at home with your computer for working and playing games. Therefore, don’t let these bad habits destroy your beloved PC now! Let the PC overheat This is a perpetual problem and also the biggest enemy of the PC. If the device overheats, the performance and longevity of the internal hardware will […]

Shooter Games

Worldz Game Review (Part 3)

The Good Parts of the Game The first thing that catches your attention is the engaging world of the game. Despite the necessary graphics, the game has plenty of details. The location is diverse and offers you an opportunity to explore, which aids in engaging the players in the game. The inventory is vast and […]

Shooter Games

Worldz Game Review (Part 2)

The Gameplay In spite of having no weapons, these zombies can still cause damage through brute strength. You must eliminate them as well as saving your health. Other than the resources, you would require water and food to survive. Lack of health, water, or food would result in death. Here, it would help if you […]

Shooter Games

Worldz Game Review (part 1)

Survival games are becoming popular by the day, and all the platforms desire to cash in on them. And the world of online gaming is no different. Games like surviv.io become extremely popular. In this post, we will take a close look at another popular game of this type, Worldz. What does this game offer; […]

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Is Playing Online Games Worth It?

The technological advancements have become a turning point in just about any industry all over the world. Notably, the Internet has been revolutionizing the way to do business in many sectors. That way, people have leveraged the benefits that the Internet brought. Entertainment is one of the typical examples; this industry has seen tremendous advancements […]

Strategy Games

Which strategy games for PC that you should not miss?

Company of Heroes 2 Developed by the famous studio Relic – the father of Dawn of War, Company of Heroes – RTS game taking the theme of World War 2 was released in 2006 and quickly became a famous and popular strategy game. The game has generated millions of dollars in revenue for Relic and […]

Strategy Games

Two titles that strategy game lovers should not miss

1. Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator With Ultimate Epic Battle Simulator you can create a battle with no limits on troops or opposition. Feel free to choose the type of army, the number of troops of each party, or even the species, etc. for example, 10 thousand chickens fighting one soldier. The game is highly entertaining, […]