Half Life
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Top offline shooter game for PC

Along with the development of online games, many players choose or play offline games. In it the shooting genre is loved by many gamers. The top 3 offline shooter games for computers below may be a useful reference for you.

1. Half Life

Perhaps if you are a passionate gamer of the first-person shooter genre, you surely know Half Life. This shooter game genre is suitable for configuration computers.

Half Life

Half Life is a shooting game developed by Valve, about the main character Gordon Freeman – a doctor of Physics survived the laboratory incident. As this central character, going through many challenges in the personal arena and the team, you will improve your shooting ability.

2. Alien Shooter

This is a game of the tactical shooting genre, in which player will shoot monsters. Alien Shooter is the first part in the Alien Shooter series. The following is Alien Shooter: Vengeance. The player can use the command to ask for a better quality gun, against the attacks of alien monsters.

This version is one of the most popular offline shooter games. Later, although there are new versions, players still choose the first version to experience.

3. GTA 4

It seems that GTA series are always welcomed by players all over the world because it allows people to do things that are not allowed in the real world. Each version of GTA brings a different new thing and so does GTA 4.

This is an open-world action shooter game with nice graphics, which requires the computer to have average configure. The game is available on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and on Microsoft Windows.

Hope you will have great hours of enjoyment with the offline shooter games recommended above!