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Top Online Games That Help Girls Have a Good Time (part 1)

When it comes to online games, lots of people think that they are for boys only with shooting games or adventure games. However, girls are also potential targets of online games, so there are lots of games dedicated to them. Different from games for boys which require players to use complicated skills, girl games are easy to play. With girl games, players only need to use their mouse. Some games require adding the four arrow keys. In general, players don’t need to remember how to play or do anything too complicated, and it makes girls enjoy games more because most girls don’t want to waste their time on complicated games.

Moreover, these games are related to girl things such as dress-up, make-up, cooking, etc. These topics are the favorite topics of girls in any conversation, and doing them in real life is more complicated than in online games, so online games attract girls because they can enjoy these things more easily. Another reason why girls love playing online games is that girl games all have beautiful graphics which depict cute clothes, cosmetics, and charming characters. So, if you are a girl who wants to try online games, don’t skip our list of online girl games below.

1. A New Beginning

This is the first girl game that you should try right away. This game is about Claudia, who is a gorgeous girl. Everyone loves her, not only because of her appearance, but also her personality. However, her boyfriend has dumped her because he’s too stupid to realize how precious she is. Claudia was sad, and she has cried for days. But now, she wants to stop crying and being depressed. She wants to focus on her life and her friends again, and you need to help her because, after several days of mourning and being sad, she looks like a mess now.