Top survival games on steam
Survival games

Top survival games on steam

The follows are 4 of the most attractive survivor games available on steam. Let’s check them out!

Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is a horror game with a very different and attractive gameplay. In one stage, there will be one player with the role of Killer and 4 other players will play Survivors. Survivors’ mission will be to escape the hunt of the Killer, because when being caught, they will be tortured and killed.

However, this is quite difficult in a terrain that you are not familiar with because each game screen will change the environment differently. With a new way of playing, attracting Dead by Daylight is a game that is highly appreciated and is loved by many gamers today.


This is a game that has been so famous as a survival game. Coming to the game, players will enjoy the world of random construction, gathering resources and using the crafting system that the game provides.

Besides exploring the vast tunnels, fighting monsters, building palaces. As a game that has debuted for a long time, the Terraria currently still attracts lots of players, which proves the attraction of this game.

Dragon’s Sin

Set in a fictional medieval world when the Earth is under the control of humans and dragons. While humans have the power of magical intelligence, the dragon species has superior physical properties.

Top survival games on steam

After the dragon discovered the secret of eating human flesh, their power will greatly increase. This led to an uncompromising war between humans and dragons. The strongest will be the winner.


Similar to Dayz, Miscreated is also a survival game for the subject of Zombie. However, the world in Miscreated has a much more lonely and gloomy aspect.

You will start with a naked body and a flashlight in the game. Then choose for yourself a suitable outfit as well as weapons and equipment needed. After that, get ready to step out into a dangerous world out there.