Two highly-recommended game titles for shooter game lovers
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Two highly-recommended game titles for shooter game lovers


Call of Duty initially focused primarily on World War II. Over 10 years, receiving great acclaim from the majority of gamers and newspapers, the game continues to lead with more diverse and attractive topics. Sledgehammer excelled when he noticed soldiers fighting in World War II to attract many generations of young players.

Two highly-recommended game titles for shooter game lovers

I’m sure if you’ve ever been in love with Call of Duty, you can’t forget the single-player or multiplayer battle that is also very attractive, difficult, horrifying, and emotional. This is where you will become the infantry soldier fighting the toughest and most terrible zombies. Through many changes in more than a decade, Call of Duty still retains the essence of the quintessential, and is increasingly new and more attractive.

XCOM 2 / War of the Chosen

This is a brainstorming strategy game when consecutive players have to make difficult choices. You will encounter many limitations when playing games, but all the decisions you make, even the smallest problems, can have a huge impact on your direction throughout the process.

You need to recruit soldiers, and more importantly, an engineer can help communicate with more leaders, until upgrading your weapons with outer space alloy. But you can’t choose them all, this is where you need to brainstorm and make your choices. In 1989, Sid Meier described the game as “A series of interesting decisions”. It can be said that XCOM2 is the most featured work in this respect created by Firaxis.

The War of the Chosen version has brought fascinating changes, enemies clinging to the end, special slaves with random powers and weaknesses, enemies with the shape of invading zombies abandoned cities, skills to create propaganda posters.

Hope you will have great hours of enjoyment with the two amazing shooter games above!