Role-playing games

Which role-playing games should you play in 2019?

Here is the list of the role-playing games you should not miss in 2019.

Destiny 2

Launched in 2017 on many PC systems and consoles, the game has the appearance of FPS series (first-person shooter) and RPG (role-playing) with 3 main careers and many different skill branches.

Final Fantasy XIV

A familiar brand, leaving many marks with fans of the genre of RPGs. The game was first released in August 2013 for PC and Playstation 3. The online version was built on the content of the old Final Fantasy XIV, which received a lot of criticism from the gaming community for its plot and gameplay. boring.

Secret Worlds Legends

The world’s first thrilling MMORPG set in the modern world. The game allows gamers to travel around the world on maps that feature scenes from countries like Japan, Egypt, England, or China. Gamers are free to develop characters based on pre-selected weapons or buy at the in-game store.

DC Universe Online

The game was released by Daybreak Game Company and Warner Bros. Game for the first time in 2011. The game allows gamers to play heroes or criminals in DC comics. Players are free to customize their abilities and weapons for the character. In particular, gamers are allowed to choose skills flying or super speed to move around the map.


The game was developed from the famous Dragons & Dungeons board games in the 70-80s. The game allows players to choose from 8 different occupations and races with distinct strengths / weaknesses. During the game experience, gamers have to go through dungeons (dungeons) with many different difficulty levels, cooperation with other players is extremely necessary. Besides, the game provides players with a set of tools to design their own game maps to create a variety of screens.


Developed by Russia’s Obsidian Entertainment team, the action RPG breaks the traditional MMORPG principles. Players have the right to choose and play many different professions during game experience. SkyForge offers a “prestige” system that increases the stats according to the player’s choice. Also, new jobs are unlocked when players accumulate a certain amount of “prestige”.