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Worldz Game Review (part 1)

Survival games are becoming popular by the day, and all the platforms desire to cash in on them. And the world of online gaming is no different. Games like become extremely popular. In this post, we will take a close look at another popular game of this type, Worldz. What does this game offer; also, is it worth playing? Why do you find out with us in this detailed review?

The Game’s Story 

You find yourself stranded in one unknown world that is seemingly empty and desolate. Yet, beware, as dangers may lurk in the shadows. Here, the world is being infected by zombies that are out to kill you. For surviving, you must scavenge as well as finding resources to last longer here. The world has no end and no start; there is no escape. Here, you can only hope for keeping running, equipping yourself, as well as staying on alert. Yet, the zombies are coming all the time.

The Gameplay

It begins by requiring you to create one profile or select from the list. The profile is your desired name, as well as one character. You can choose to be a cop, a salaryman, a sports girl, or a farmer. After you select your profile, you will see the game begins in the Zombie Land mode as well as landing you in one deserted world

The location can be anywhere, say, an elaborated map and you may be in the jungle or among the houses. You start the game with some limited resources. Yet, to survive, you will need to gather a considerable quantity of resources.

The primary hurdle over your path will be the zombies. They are sneaky and fast. Here, you will need to get on constant alert; otherwise, you can be swarmed by them.