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Worldz Game Review (Part 2)

The Gameplay

In spite of having no weapons, these zombies can still cause damage through brute strength. You must eliminate them as well as saving your health.

Other than the resources, you would require water and food to survive. Lack of health, water, or food would result in death. Here, it would help if you were constantly moving as well as searching for resources.

Else, you can choose the multiplayer mode and fight against other gamers.

The Features Which the Game Offers

It offers three modes: Sandbox, Death Match, and Zombie Land. You will find Zombie land as the default mode of single-player where you need to defend yourself against zombies as well as surviving. For Sandbox, it is the training mode that you can attempt in using the resources and picking up how to efficiently get rid of the enemy. Death Match mode is the multiplayer one where you will fight against other gamers from across the world. 

The game’s resources could be split into two categories: Direct as well as Indirect. For direct support, you can use them, well, directly. Several examples of these include:

  • Medkit
  • Grenade
  • Pistols
  • Shotgun

Meanwhile, indirect resources are those that you would have to craft other objects. They include:

  • Metal Fragment
  • Ammo
  • Fabric
  • Wood

Talking about crafts, they are considered another exciting feature here. By mixing the indirect resource, you will be able to create new objects. For example, you can use wood to make a variety of objects such as a door and campfire. By combining metal fragments and wood, you can create a hammer or ax. The crafts are crucial if you desire to survive long term here.

This Worldz also offers to save progress online or offline. If you go offline, you will access the progress data. Yet, online save is considered more efficient as the data is guaranteed to stay safe.