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Worldz Game Review (Part 3)

The Good Parts of the Game

The first thing that catches your attention is the engaging world of the game. Despite the necessary graphics, the game has plenty of details. The location is diverse and offers you an opportunity to explore, which aids in engaging the players in the game.

The inventory is vast and offers a wide variety of items for various purposes. Unlike other action online games free, Worldz doesn’t limit itself to the bare minimum.

The game operates on three lifelines instead of one. While the usual Health lifeline is there, you have also had the Thirst and Hunger lifelines. This is a concept we don’t see in many games. It adds another layer of realism in the game, making the survival all the more pressing. It also adds to the complexity of the game.

Worldz remembers that it is a survival game first. Hence, despite all the guns and ammo, you do not forget that you aim to survive, not kill. Crafts fantastically do this. From building a bonfire to constructing a shelter, there are many things you can do to escape from the enemies. Again, it is an excellent move to make the game feel more real.

Lastly, the other modes of the game also make it more appealing. The Sandbox mode is quite essential for new players since it can naturally be confusing for them. Deathmatch pits you against other players, which make up for an exciting duel. It is also an option for players who prefer combat over survival.

The Bad Parts of the Game

The graphics of the game stick out like a sore thumb. We understand it is an online Flash game, but still, a few things could have been improved. The navigation and movement are not as quick as you would want them to be. The slow motion becomes a hindrance when enemies swarm you.